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Intelligence team Celcus consists of business intelligence & performance management specialists. All consultants have an academic background in business informatics and are specialists in the area of in-memory OLAP technology. We are growing, profitable and independent with our customers as sole investors.

Your challenges

Some of the challenges we hear?

  • ‘The use of Excel is laborious, error prone, unprotected and offers no process control, which leads to a high cost of ownership. How can I benefit from surpassing the use of Excel in the organization without eliminating the advantages it has?’
  • ‘How can I decrease the cost of information management by lowering my costs of software, implementation and maintenance?’
  • ‘I don’t want to just manage the organization based on insight as to what happened, but also take appropriate action and drive the business based on insights that tell me what to expect in the future.’
  • ‘How can we increase our agility in driving the organization through improved planning, forecasting and budgeting?’
  • ‘As business professionals, how can we become less dependent on ICT and external consultants, without having to resort to the use of Excel?’
  • ‘Our data and information is all over the place. How do I create a transparent environment that shows me exactly what I need to know?’

BI/ PM Solutions

Celcus is a specialized consultancy company that helps companies and non-profit organizations meet  their information challenges in 2 ways:

  • we help to design, build and maintain applications to meet the needs for intelligence and steering within an organization;
  • we secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of business intelligence and performance management.

Celcus stands out through the accessibility of all the solutions we provide for our customers. Our solutions are accessible in terms of price, speed of implementation and ease of maintenance. We offer high quality for a reasonable price.


Celcus expertise

The finance function is at the heart of many Celcus solutions: our main area of expertise and starting point. It allows us to add value in any industry we operate. However, the additional, specific drivers that characterize a business or organization make our work so interesting. Often enough we end up adding all the pieces to the puzzle, including human resources, procurement management, risk management, project management, service management, sales management or budgeting processes throughout the entire organization. We know how to support the business to meet all their challenges in terms of business intelligence and performance management.

Some of our consultants have over 15 years of experience in the field of requirements analysis, BI/PM tooling, implementation, project management and change management. Basically all the disciplines needed to make the right call and to be able to take on very challenging and large projects. Some of our know how is reflected in the standard approaches we use during the different phases within a project.

From a technical point of view we primarily focus on in-memory OLAP technology. We have the ambition to become the expert in this field in the Netherlands.


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Celcus team

All teammembers have a Master degree and a passion for creating solutions that help businesses, government and other organizations with insight and steering.

Bastiaan Beltman, founder en owner Celcus, responsible for consultancy, training and R&D. Business Informatics, Universiteit van Twente

Steven Koelemeijer, founder and owner Celcus, responsible for sales, marketing and operations. Macro Economics, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam

Michel Zijlema,  partner and owner Celcus, lead consultant and architect. Business Informatics, Universiteit van Amsterdam

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Celcus B.V.
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the Netherlands

+31 (0)34 6769047

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Our Tax ID: NL823067592B01

IBAN: NL64ABNA0480340595

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We believe in-memory multi-dimensional database technology is the smart way forward to model a business, analyse it and obtain the required insight based on (big) data. It offers both business intelligence and performance management functionality in one platform. The relative simplicity of this software also enables end-users in the business to build in-house capabilities to become less dependent of ICT and external consultants. We are specialized in Jedox  and IBM (TM1).


Celcus has been a certified Jedox partner since 2010, operating internationally. We are a Platinum Partner: all of our consultants are certified Jedox consultants, we are certified to offer all official Jedox Trainings, are recognized as ‘Great Jedox Trainer’ and in 2014 we were awarded as Jedox Partner of the year 2013.

Trackrecord: DSM, Canon Europe, Canon NL, Océ Technologies, BAM Group, VolkerWessels, Allianz Group NL, Nooteboom Group, Sanofi – Genzyme, Novoferm, AllSecur, MediaBroadcast, Merford, gemeente De Bilt, gemeente Baarn, Ewals, NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda, Promese, Xycarb Ceramics, Eurocommercial properties N.V., Shanks Group, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, Burg Groep, Bindinc., MPM International Oil Company.


Celcus has been an IBM Business partner since 2013 focussing on the IBM Cognos TM1 and Cognos Express products. We have consultants with over 15 years of verifiable experience implementing TM1 based applications. Our consultants are IBM-certified on Cognos TM1 technology. We offer (tailored) training programs for end-users, developers and operators on all levels.

Trackrecord: ABN AMRO, Avery Dennison, Bacardi, BAT, Center Parcs, Eurail/Interrail, G4S, NS Reizigers, Heineken, M&S Mode, TNT Express, Ten Cate Advanced Textiles, VWE, Mitsubishi Motors, Amsterdam Medical Centre and more

More technology

Technology is merely a means to an end. It’s all about the business. We like to start with the end result: discovering the BI&PM needs and designing the end product that meet those needs. Technology comes second. With over 15 years of experience in the BI & PM market and various tools, we will find the right answer.

Projects red arrow

Realizing a competitive edge or operational excellence through an intelligence and/or steering information application to your exact needs can be fully entrusted to Celcus, including maintenance. The tailor-made solutions that Celcus implements are not restricted to any industry or type of organization. Nor are they restricted to a specific function in the organization: Celcus has developed BI & PM solutions for a.o. managing finance, risk, procurement, sales, human resources, social responsibility, projects & programmes, services and scorecards.


We like to show how it is done: always offer our customers a free proof of concept. It demonstrates our understanding of a specific business issue and how the requirements can be captured in an application that the business can relate to. It enables us to show the business how it was made and, following on from this, how this translates to self-proficiency in the business in terms of BI and PM. It allows us to make a first estimate of the investment involved.

Entice us with complex challenges. Most of the solutions build by Celcus integrate aspects of BI and PM as well as different functions. It is not uncommon for organizations to select Celcus to create all their BI & PM applications in the form of an integrated, centralized platform.

Factors of succes

  1. Key to a successful project is that we understand your business, your drivers and goals: the big picture. Nobody knows that better than you. Within this context we are able to help, advise and distil the exact requirements.
  2. With the big picture in mind we start small: having worked out the overall architecture we start by translating a subset of the requirements in a concrete application. A phased approach, were each phase has a clear budget, identified risks, milestones, a planning and delivers according to expectation. Any project that takes more than 3 months is not a project but a problem.
  3. We actively encourage self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities through training and learning on the job. Requirements change over time. It is a cost effective and durable approach to maintenance and change.


The finance function is at the heart of many Celcus solutions: our main area of expertise. Tailor-made applications have been made for the support of many of the processes that finance is responsible for. Often it is our starting point. However, the additional, specific drivers that characterize a business make our work so interesting: adding all the pieces to the puzzle, including human resources, procurement management, risk management, project management, service management and sales management.budgeting processes throughout entire organizations;

  • projected profit & loss and balance sheets end of quarter, end of year based on
  • year-to-date actuals and rolling forecasts;
  • financial consolidation;
  • cash flow forecasting;
  • activity based costing;
  • driver based planning;
  • working capital management;
  • external reporting;
  • planning & control.

Solutions green arrow

From the outset Celcus has invested in the development of standard performance management solutions and blueprints for a specific industry and/or function: it is part of the Celcus strategy. These standard solutions offer additional value-add. Due to the developed functionality organizations do not have to define all functionality and related application design from scratch. Based on a standard template organizations can attend to some of the functionality that may be missing or perhaps needs some adjustment to meet their specific needs. It saves time, money and mitigates risk.

Blueprints are based prior work on applications to support and improve processes related to business planning, budgeting cycles, forecasting, risk monitoring, procurement and so forth.

Today, Celcus offers a standard solution for:

  • integrated planning & control for municipalities
  • corporate social responsibility
  • integrated planning & control for Education
  • operational Risk Management
  • value creation management for procurement

Celcus Public Management

Celcus Public Management (CPM) provides the most comprehensive, fully integrated platform for planning & control at Dutch municipalities. For a full productoverview please download the CPM documentation.

PDF soon

Celcus Education Management

Celcus offers an integrated BI/PM platform for education. For more information please contact us

Solutions for hospitals

Celcus is offers planning & control solutions for hospitals, research tools and specific models for production and capacity planning. For more information please contact us.

Services orange arrow

Celcus is a full service provider. Besides the in-memory OLAP software and implementation services we offer, we have a helpdesk, an academy, provide data centre services and support service level agreements. A combination of all these services enables the full support of hardware, software and the technical and functional maintenance of your information platform.


The Celcus helpdesk is available to anyone that has questions regarding in-memory OLAP technology. Celcus provides first line support for all technical issues related to Jedox and IBM TM1. You can reach our helpdesk daily from 09:00-17:00 hours by telephone on +31 34 6769047. You may also contact the helpdesk via e-mail: support@celcus.nl

Jedox Training

Celcus provides all certified Jedox and IBM TM1 trainings in Dutch or English. We use the official Jedox and IBM training material. Trainings can be held in-house or at our location in Soesterberg.

If so required our training material can be tailored to your exact needs or combined with training on the job. Celcus has acquired the status of Great Jedox Trainer in 2013.

The Jedox training was very effective and really convinced us we had chosen the right platform to manage all our information management, planning, control and forecasting. Celcus trained 12 of our business professionals. It has given Allianz a great impuls in terms of performance management and we see lot’s of new applications where Jedox can demonstrate it’s value
Martjan Pols, Controller & BI specialist at Allianz Group the Netherlands

The training provided by Celcus enabled a steel learning curve. Due to the pragmatic and result driven approach the first results were visible within no time. Merford uses Jedox for both financial reporting, analysis and business planning.” Hendrik Pot, Financial Director at Merford

Cloud services

The Celcus private cloud services consists of advice, the realization and maintenance of a hardware environment that can be accessed through the web. Our web solutions are ‘zero footprint’ so no software has to be installed on the client side. It has proven to be a very cost effective solution compared to an investment in in-house hardware.

Service Level Agreement

The support and maintenance of in-memory OLAP solutions can be outsourced to Celcus through a service level agreement. The service level agreement entails both technical and functional support. We offer the choice of various levels of support.

Career purple arrow

Join the Celcus team. We are experts in the field of IT & business. We usually operate in the ‘office of the CFO’ to understand the ‘insight’ business question at hand and use our technical knowledge to create solutions: provide the required insight in a reliable and timely manner. Celcus has a few qualities that make us unique in the market and enable us to successfully pursue our mission: increase the accessibility to business intelligence/ corporate performance management. We focus primarily on in-memory multidimensional database technology. Smart BI/ CPM technology that offers the most business value to organizations. Celcus is a certified partner of Jedox and IBM TM1. Both Jedox and IBM have leading and award winning OLAP BI/CPM software.


  • Responsibility and independence: working at Celcus means you have the freedom to determine your own future and that of the company. A freedom that comes with great responsibility towards colleagues, the company as a whole and our customers;
  • Entrepreneurship: seeking out opportunities for improvement for our customers and Celcus itself. Finding the balance between value add for our customers and Celcus;
  • Learning: our area of expertise is vast. We learn from each and every customer. We provide training and learning-on the job for our customers. We lecture at University and provide internships for students to do research for their master thesis;
  • Innovative
  • Fun.

Cases yellow arrow

Celcus works for a number of bluechip companies as well as medium-sized companies, not-for-profit and governmental organizations. All of our customers are satisfied with our services and can be approached for reference purposes upon request.

  • BAM Group
  • Canon
  • Nooteboom
  • Merford
  • Avery Dennison
  • Allianz
  • Municipality de Bilt
  • G4S
  • UMC Utrecht
  • Shanks Group
  • VolkerRail
  • Eurocommercial Properties N.V.
  • DSM
  • Interrail
  • Novoferm
  • Xycarb Ceramics
  • Genzyme
  • Burg Group
  • Bindinc.
  • Vakmedianet
  • Inka
  • Abbvie
  • MPM
  • Promese
  • Eneco
  • UCB
  • Farm Frites
  • Gemeente Baarn
  • Ewals
  • Reym
  • Remia
  • Denys
  • CED Nederland

BAM Group

“When I joined BAM Woningbouw in 2009 I quickly realized the existing information platform was not up to scratch. For several years a data warehouse initiative was in place to get rid of the vast and complex use of Excel for all internal and external reporting and analysis. The workgroup of controllers that led this initiative from a functional requirements perspective was at best demotivated. Basically, the introduction of the data warehouse and other BI tooling not only came at great cost for the organization but had not been able to get rid of a single Excel application. The dependency on the IT organization had only grown and the run time of programming was too high The result was a black box with low flexibility, insufficient scenario capabilities and an unacceptable performance.”

Korstiaan Rietveld, Director of Finance

Download to read what happened


The integration process between Océ and Canon touched almost every aspect of the two organizations. The finance department not excluded. Both Océ and Canon organized their budgeting and forecasting process in a different way. The formats differed both in terms of detail and reporting requirements. Looking at the current systems both companies had in place, it was clear that these would not be flexible and fast enough to incorporate both models. Also, given the amount of data and complexity, it was clear Excel would not suffice, not even for an intermediate solution. Reducing the impact on IT to the minimum the finance department had to look for a more creative solution.

Jan van de Grint, Business Process Manager Business Intelligence at Canon.

Download to read what happened


“Encouraged by our first findings with Jedox our state of mind was very much: let’s just do it. See how far we can get on our own with a little help from Celcus. This was our attitude throughout the whole project and still is. It paid off in terms of not being dependent on external help and obviously the costs. Amazing to see that Jedox has managed to seamlessly integrate three types of interfaces: Excel, web and iPad. As our company required the use of iPads it’s a great advantage you only have to design the application in web and have the iPad ready to go. We’ve proved the fact that a good and fast performance management platform doesn’t have to be expensive.”
Albert de Boer, Information Manager at Nooteboom Group

Download to read the full story


“For Merford, Jedox provides a very versatile environment for analysis and planning. Great value for money. The training provided by Celcus enabled a steel learning curve. Due to the pragmatic and result driven approach the first results were visible within no time. Merford uses Jedox for both financial reporting, analysis and business planning.”
Hendrik Pot, Financial Director at Merford

Avery Dennison

“Michel’s mentorship, support and coordination appeared to be crucial. He’s perfectly aware of all capabilities and is a creative thinker – not only on the technical aspects, but just as much from our business perspective. He is a real consultant understanding both IT and business sides of the case and therefore can add high value to the projects!”
Vojta Rosina, Finance BI Manager at Avery Dennison Europe


“My team was immediately convinced about the strength and quality of Jedox. The depth and flexibility of the system clearly produced better results for all our controlling activities: planning, rolling forecasts, allocations… The whole team followed the training which was clear and practical and we are planning to apply Jedox extensively from now on.“
Arno van Geet, Financial Director,  Allianz Group Netherlands

“Analysis and reporting needs have not only increased but have become more complex. To accommodate the growing need for intelligence and performance management I have experience with a number of systems: Oracle, SAP, access… and obviously Excel in combination with VBA. The technical limitations and disadvantages of these tools made me seek out for a better solution. Today we use Jedox to connect to various systems including SAP and it is at the hart of our information delivery”
Martjan Pols, Controller & BI specialist, Allianz Group Netherlands

Municipality de Bilt

“Celcus has done a great job in creating a truly integrated solution for all our planning & control activities. Basically it contains all our historic financial data and facilitates a monthly rolling forecast for all our expenditures. It not only allows the management of the municipality to steer financially but also in terms of human resources, service norms and so forth: no more surprises. The ‘can do’ mentality Celcus showed proved very helpfull in extracting all the underlying operational systems, especially in aligning all parties involved. As we move forward we will add more functionality and increasingly take responsibility for the implementations and maintenance of the platform”
Bonne Hylkema, Controller De Bilt


“Business Performance Management means sharing the right information at the right time with the right people in the right format. IBM and Celcus enable us to manage our Business Performance in the “G4S Way”, with better insights in G4S processes and faster decision making. The developed TM1 tooling captures the corporate information knowledge and let’s users easier analyze and gain better understanding in the management information provided. The pragmatic and hands-on approach of IBM and Celcus were a vital element in the realization of our goals for a successful implementation at G4S.”
Berend Jan van der Wal, Business Controller G4S

UMC Utrecht

Due to the central location and their specialized staff, the University Medical Centre Utrecht is one of the busiest trauma centers in the country. On an annual basis, thousands of trauma patients are admitted through the emergency department for often multi-disciplinary treatment of their injuries. Other than providing the best possible treatment and care for these patients, the UMC Utrecht invests in detailed scientific research and performance management within the trauma care chain. With Jedox, Celcus has now provided them with a powerful tool to streamline their data collection, reporting and analysis processes.

Typically, a hospital’s information systems are not suited for the detailed data collection and analysis of specific patient populations and only provide the means for registration and storage of basic logistics and patient data. These are stored as both structured data (e.g. emergency department visit log, lab results, admission times, etc.) and unstructured data (e.g. emergency room reports, treatment reports, diagnostic reports, etc.). Furthermore, in order to create insight into the full trauma care chain, the integration of third party data (e.g. pre-hospital ambulance data from emergency services) is also required. Therefore, the detailed collection, often done manually through spreadsheets or local standalone relational databases, and analysis is time-consuming and cumbersome.

By placing Jedox at the center of these processes, collection and analysis of trauma data will be streamlined and integrated. By connecting to the relational data sources (internal and third party) ETL can automatically collect and load structured data, while write back functionality still provides users with the opportunity to collect and register the unstructured data directly in the multidimensional cubes. Meanwhile, data validation and a structured workflow guides the detailed registration process from identifying patients, to loading or registering data, and the monitoring and approval by the responsible medical specialist. Finally, standardized dashboards and dynamic reports through web and flexible ad-hoc data discovery through the Excel add-in provide analysts with the means to perform any kind of required data analysis.

Shanks Group

At Shanks the choice for Jedox was sure and certain. It was chosen because it is so intuitively without any loss of functionality: a recipe for very low implementation costs. It only took us two weeks to install Jedox and deliver of the first set of reports. Fully on our own without any outside help. Since then, three members of the finance business intelligence team have had a two-day Jedox training to enlarge our self-sufficiency. This means we can continue to build reports, dashboards and extract data from our ERP systems by ourselves.
Another important reason to choose for Jedox is that our prior tool only offered business intelligence functionality. Besides reporting on actuals it is very important for Shanks to have a clear view of what is going to happen. By adding data entry fields we have designed our applications to allow people to share their expectations, forecasts and planning.
Six months after the implementation of the first BI reports, the finance business intelligence team also fully supports performance management processes like budgeting, forecasting, quarterly reviews and a 5-year planning. Jedox has become our number one tool.
Looking back, the strong integration with the familiar Microsoft Excel has proved to be important to convince financial controllers and the finance director of the power of Jedox.

Gianni Eggermont, Head of Finance Business Intelligence


“We have managed to increase consciousness in the area of finance and risk and the ability to act accordingly: on every business level our people are lowering risks and minimizing costs. Jedox has worked as a catalyst to make this happen.”
Paul de Hair, CFO VolkerRail

For the full story: Celcus Case VolkerRail

Eurocommercial Properties N.V.




(Nederlands) Celcus case – Novoferm

Xycarb Ceramics


Celcus case – Xycarb Ceramics


Burg Group


Miljoenen huishoudens in Europa gebruiken dagelijks de producten van Burg Groep. Dit internationaal opererende familiebedrijf produceert onder andere azijn, limonadesiropen, reinigingsmiddelen, waaronder schoonmaakazijn en vloeistoffen voor gebruik in en om de auto.

Investeringen in gebouwen, machines en de inrichting van het fabricageproces is van groot belang voor de uitvoering van de groeistrategie van Burg Groep. Mede hierdoor is de noodzaak van een betrouwbaar, gedetailleerd, lange termijn plan voor de toewijzing en controle op investeringsbudgetten de afgelopen jaren sterk toegenomen.  

Burg Groep zet performance management technologie in voor inzicht en sturing van investeringen. Via een web applicatie leveren verschillende medewerkers en disciplines een bijdrage aan lopende en toekomstige investeringsprojecten ten behoeve van CAPEX planning.

Download om het hele verhaal te lezen


(Nederlands) Celcus case – Bindinc




Download om het hele verhaal te lezen

Celcus case – Inka – Engels






Farm Frites

Gemeente Baarn





CED Nederland

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New projects, new customers, new colleagues, publications, events that we organize: we like to keep you informed of what we are doing. We like to organize our events and combine them with breakfast and fresh orange juice: breakfast sessions. This way everyone can be at work before lunchtime.

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Januari 2018

  • Renewi Corporate Centre chooses Jedox.
  • DataShift & Celcus close partnership partnership
  • NX Partners & Celcus close partnership

December 2017

  • CED Group chooses for Jedox & Celcus.
  • Axians & Celcus close partnership

November 2017

  • Denys N.V. chooses Jedox & Celcus.

Oktober 2017

  • Renewi Commercial Waste chooses Jedox & Celcus.

September 2017

  • Jedox Partner Summit 2017

Juli 2017

  • Remia, the 80th largest family firm in the Netherlands chooses Jedox & Celcus.

June 2017

  • Reym & ATM, part of Renewi chooses for Jedox & Celcus
  • Presentation of Celcus projects at VolkerRail, MPM Oil & Vakmedianet on National of the Controller in the Netherlands

April 2017

  • SVOV chooses Jedox & Celcus for analysis and reporting on public travel movements of milions of people

March 2017

  • Abbvie chooses for Celcus consultancy to implement IBM Cognos TM1

Februari 2017

  • Van Hattum & Blankevoort, part of VolkerWessels, chooses Jedox & Celcus
  • Bram Pieket Weeserik new consultant at Celcus
  • Celcus sponsor of Nationale Controllersdag 2017, 22 juni
  • Celcus sponsor of Financial Systems, 18 mei 2017

December 2016

  • Publisher Vakmedianet chooses Jedox & Celcus
  • Procurement organization Inka chooses Jedox & Celcus

November 2016

  • Celcus seminar with speakers from Bindinc., Novoferm & Jedox
  • Scientific Celcus article in International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR)
  • www.riskdelta.nl live for all operational risk management
  • www.celcus-tools.nl/Jedox live

October 2016

  • MPM International Oil Company chooses for Jedox & Celcus

September 2016

  • Familiefirm Burg Groep chooses for Jedox & private cloud solution Celcus
  • Jedox presents Jedox 7 on Partner Summit in Berlin

Augustus 2016

  • Shanks UK chooses for Jedox & private cloud solution from Celcus

Juni 2016

Mei 2016

  • BARC survey gives Jedox top marks
  • Bram Pieket Weeserik will graduate on Master thesis at Celcus

April 2016

  • Jeroen Curvers certified in Cognos IBM TM1
  • Celcus will generate website and app for P&C products at municipality Baarn

Maart 2016

  • Publisher Bindinc. chooses for Jedox & Celcus
  • Celcus Disclosure Management release 1.0
  • Celcus Risk Management release 2.0

Februari 2016

September 2015

  • Celcus wins Jedox Partner of the Year Award 2nd time in a row
  • Celcus risk management wil be lanched at LAWTECH EUROPE CONGRESS Brussel 2015
  • Celcus and www.rocketsoftware.com start Benelux partnership

Augusts 2015

  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht chooses for Jedox & Celcus

Juni 2015

  • First Celcus IBM Cognos TM1 FORUM a great success
  • Celcus presents Celcus Operation Risk Management at Jedox Roadshow in NL
  • Celcus and www.intocontrol.nl become partners
  • Celcus and www.eyeon.nl become partner

May 2015

  • Shanks Group chooses Jedox & Celcus
  • Celcus prepares college & workshop for students Business Informatics University of Utrecht for 3rd time

April 2015

  • Celcus and www.anddare.nl start partnership
  • Angela Lustenhouwer starts in Celcus team
  • Celcus Municipality solution roadshow starts

March 2015

  • G4S NL decides for Celcus & IBM TM1
  • Celcus becomes partner of CarpeDatum

Februari 2015

  • Celcus partnership with BBV4ALL
  • Shanks decides for Jedox

Januari 2015

  • Eurail decides for Celcus & IBM TM1
  • Genzyme Europe decides for Celcus & Jedox
March 2014

  • Team Celcus spends weekend in Madrid
  • Associate Gerard Slump helps with Celcus project VolkerRail
  • 10th Jedox training in Soesterberg

February 2014

  • Michel Zijlema officially partner of Celcus
  • Ana Stroe gets highscore for TM1 exam

Januari 2014

  • 3 day TM1 training at Soesterberg
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